nci wr s3603s - Royal Greenwich

nci wr s3603s - Royal Greenwich

nci wr s3603s - Royal Greenwich

13" x 52" x 8"

Benjamin Vuilliamy was famous clockmaker of Swiss origin who moved to London around 1730. He built the regulator clock for the King's Observatory Kew, which served as an unofficial Prime Meridian and official time of London until 1884.

The Greenwich regulator is a superb example of the art of the British clockmaker. The movement features a Vulliamy style deadbeat escapement. A temperature compensated pendulum based on an elegant design by John Ellicott in 1752 enhances the accuracy. Maintaining power, as devised by John Arnold (1736-1799), ensures precision is retained when the movement is wound. An elegant design of epicyclic gears allows the movement to run a month before needing to be wound. A special limited edition version was made by Comitti in 2012 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. The original timepiece now resides in Buckingham Palace.

A superb contemporary version of The Greenwich regulator in a black lacquer and carbon fiber cabinet.

  • Hand-made, rhodium-plated movement with dead beat escapement and tungsten carbide pallets
  • Month-going, 30-day power reserve
  • Precision temperature compensated pendulum
  • High count gear train including 18 ball races to reduce friction
  • Silver plated dial with fine blue lacquered hands
  • Hand made cabinet with a high gloss black lacquered finish and carbon overlays.
  • Compartment for keys, tools and timekeeping weights
  • Three sided crystal clear glass door to allow full visibility of the movement
  • Bespoke finish combinations available on request
  • Serial numbered movement with Certificate of Authenticity

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