nci wr 25665701 - Grand Regulator

nci wr 25665701 - Grand Regulator

nci wr 25665701 - Grand Regulator

11" x 52" x 7"

Transport yourself back to the age of discovery, standing within the hallowed halls of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the epicenter of navigational prowess during a time when the world was a vast, uncharted expanse. As you gaze upon this Grand Regulator, its satin black piano finish and polished stainless steel inlays evoking a sense of wonder, you can almost feel the excitement and anticipation that once gripped explorers and astronomers alike.

The clock's chimes echo through the corridors of history, marking the passage of time as seafaring adventurers meticulously plotted their courses, guided by the celestial wonders visible through the observatory's telescopes. The Astronomical Dial features the hours on a subdial. These off-center circles symbolize orbits and rotations of the Earth, a fundamental insight that ignited the age of exploration. The rhythmic ticking seems to synchronize with the celestial dance witnessed by past scholars, whose discoveries paved the way for maritime conquests that expanded horizons and ushered in a new era of global connectivity.

The presence of this exquisite timepiece, with its precision engineered German cathedral strike and advanced cable movement, embodies the spirit of an age when every tick represented a step towards unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. In this celestial citadel, the clock stands as a symbol of human ambition and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, transcending time and guiding generations through the uncharted waters of discovery.

The back panel, adorned in striking light ebony veneer, showcases polished stainless steel inlays that glint like stars against the dark canvas of the night sky. A masterpiece of artistry and originality, this timepieces features the German "Petit Sonnerie" strike rather than the more common Westminster chimes. They mark the passing quarter hours with simplicity and clarity.

The Grand Regulator is by Kieninger and exclusively available through North Coast Imports. 

  • Made in Germany
  • Limited availability
  • Ebony and black lacquer case with stainless steel accents
  • 8-day power reserve, cal RSK01
  • Automatic beat adjustment, maintaining power
  • Silvered dial
  • Petit Sonnerie German Cathedral strike
  • Automatic night-off
  • Hidden crank key compartment
  • 2-year warranty
  • A Kieninger original!

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