nci wr 28062202 - Walnut Micronis Month Runner

nci wr 28062202 - Walnut Micronis Month Runner

nci wr 28062202 - Walnut Micronis Month Runner

6″ x 18″ x 3″

Step into a world where size belies grandeur, and the Micronis reigns supreme as the epitome of miniature marvels. At a modest 6 inches by 18 inches by 3 inches, this enchanting timepiece boasts proportions that are both charmingly diminutive and remarkably elegant. Just like the beloved Sophie, this diminutive wonder fits snugly into any space, seamlessly adorning both modern and traditionally adorned rooms with equal grace.

Within this small-scale masterpiece lies a universe of technical ingenuity. A cable-wound precision movement with maintaining power ensures that time marches forward even as the weight cable receives its monthly wind. The Micronis flaunts a silvered "floating dial," a celestial canvas showcasing time's journey, adorned with Breguet hands that dance like celestial bodies across the firmament. The case, a masterpiece in French walnut finish, intricately embellished with burl and Mother-of-Pearl marquetry, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and timeless style..

Delve deeper into the heart of the Micronis, and one discovers a horological treasure trove—Kieninger's original 8-jewel, 6 ball bearings, Kieniramic™ pallet anchor embodies precision in every tick. The short-drop design, a rarity in miniature regulators, grants this clock a month-long autonomy, an extraordinary feat for a clock of its size. Its exceptional technical prowess lies concealed behind the dial, showcasing a feat of engineering marvel that sets it apart. The clock even features a unique and ingenious counter-acting mechanism within the pulley to allow the gimbal and yoked weights to fall straight, wtihout twisting as the month progresses. The Micronis, a favorite amongst connoisseurs and creators alike, captures the imagination and ignites a love for the fine art of horology.


  • Made in Germany
  • French walnut finish with burl and Mother-of-Pearl marquetry
  • Chrome features
  • 31-day, short-drop, miniature regulator
  • 8-jewel, 6 ball bearings, Kieniramic™ pallet anchor, cal. NSM01
  • Gimbal and yoked pulley
  • Maintaining power
  • Diamond-turned dial with seconds complication
  • Blued steel, Breguet hands
  • 3 beveled crystal glasses
  • 2-year warranty
  • A Kieninger original!

    The Micronis is by Kieninger and exclusively available through North Coast Imports.
    If you are interested in this clock please email us at: – please be sure to include your zip and postal code for a dealer in your area.

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