nci wr c3202ch - Canterbury

nci wr c3202ch - Canterbury

Comitti offers a superb collection of wall clocks in the traditional 'Regulator' and classic English dial clock designs. The cabinets are handmade and feature fine veneers and inlaid marquetry.

Representing the highest possible standards in clockmaking, this Canterbury regulator is exquisite in it's fine finish and superb design. It is fashioned after the peerless Vienna Regulator model, with traditional English qualities. It is large and impressive, while still maintaining an elegant and classical understated aesthetic. 

This regulator is a break-arch, Regency-style wall clock with Westminster chime movement. It features a hand-polished walnut case with burr veneer and inlaid boxwood stringing.

  • Made in England
  • 2 year warranty
  • Eight-day, weight-driven chime movement with silencer
  • Plays Westminster melody on long steel rods
  • Automatic night silencer (10.00 PM to 7.15 AM) and chime sequence correction
  • Gridiron style pendulum
  • Enamel finish dial with seconds indication and period hands
  • Hand polished walnut case with burr veneer and inlaid boxwood stringing
  • Mineral glass and lacquered solid brass furniture
  • Secret key compartment
  • Certificate of Authenticity

If you are interested in this clock please email us at: – please be sure to include your zip and postal code for a dealer in your area.

Regular price $9,800.00
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