nci wr 28519603 - Amelie

nci wr 28519603 - Amelie

nci wr 28519603 - Amelie

8″ x 26″ x 3″

The Biedermeier period refers to a cultural and artistic movement that emerged in Central Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, and parts of Scandinavia, during the first half of the 19th century, roughly spanning from the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1815) to the revolutionary movements of 1848. It was characterized by a desire for simplicity, domestic comfort, and a focus on the family and home life.

Named after the satirical German publication "Fliegende Blätter" and its fictional, conservative character Gottlieb Biedermeier, the Biedermeier era was a reaction to the upheavals and excesses of the preceding Napoleonic and Regency periods. It emphasized modesty, refined taste, and a rejection of ostentation, drawing inspiration from the ideals of the middle class and the bourgeoisie.

In the realm of arts and design, Biedermeier is characterized by clean, uncluttered lines and a preference for natural materials like wood, often polished to a warm glow. Furniture and interiors reflected a sense of harmony, functionality, and comfort. Portraiture and genre painting were popular in the arts, often depicting everyday life, family scenes, and landscapes. The movement encompassed literature, music, architecture, and other cultural aspects, promoting a sense of domestic tranquility and an appreciation for the simple joys of life.

Here, the classic and austere black-lacquered case houses a mechanism with calendar complications. The multi-function dial displays the day, date, month, and phases of the moon. A harmonious union of tradition and innovation, the beveled crystal glass gently cradles the genuine enamel dial, measuring 15 cm in diameter. The silvered dial hosts the grandeur of time with its second indication, an intricate dance of blued Breguet-style hands—hand-milled with an artisan's touch. Polished chrome accessories embrace the dial, a homage to timeless aesthetics.

Within this small-scale masterpiece lies a universe of technical ingenuity. A cable-wound precision movement with maintaining power ensures that time marches forward even as the weight cable receives its weekly wind.

  • Made in Germany
  • Black lacquered case, hand-rubbed finish, chrome features
  • Short-drop, miniature regulator with 8-day power reserve
  • 8-jewel, 6 ball bearings, Kieniramic™ pallet anchor, cal. NS
  • Gimbal and yoked pulley
  • Maintaining power
  • Diamond-turned dial with seconds, day, date, month, and moonphase complications
  • Blued steel, Breguet hands
  • 3 beveled crystal glasses
  • 2-year warranty
  • A Kieninger original!

    The Micronis is by Kieninger and exclusively available through North Coast Imports.
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