nci ma 96413 - Little Red Riding Hood

nci ma 96413 - Little Red Riding Hood

nci ma 96413 - Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood has finally made it to grandma's house, only to find her dear, sweet granny looking a little worse for wear. Her eyes, big and bloodshot. Her voice, deep and gruff. Her hands, much bigger than she remembered. And those big, pointy teeth! Will the Big Bad Wolf make a meal of our girl Red? Once you've assembled the precision-cut pieces of this artfully designed automaton, you can turn the handle to find out!

What is an automaton? An automaton can be described as self-operating machine. Automata have been around for centuries, delighting, humouring and mystifying on-lookers with their lifelike actions. Automata from ancient times include King Solomon's throne with mechanical animals that hailed him as King as he ascended it. In ancient China a talented mechanical engineer presented a lifelike humon automaton to the Emperor that could walk, sing, posture, and even wink at the ladies of the court. The Emperor was reportedly not amused. Hundreds of years later in 17th Century France, a gifted engineer created the Digesting Duck that appeared to eat, diggest and then poo!

  • Fascinating automaton kit with real wooden parts
  • To assemble, just slot together the precision-cut pieces

    No glue or tools required

  • Colorful and delightful figures
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