nci cc 8328 - Baroque

nci cc 8328 - Baroque
nci cc 8328 - Baroque
nci cc 8328 - Baroque
nci cc 8328 - Baroque

nci cc 8328 - Baroque

16″ x 22″ x 9″

The clock is a marvel of intricate artistry, a testament to the baroque mastery of intertwining elegance and exuberance. Its surface is a symphony of arabesques, each curve and spiral a dance of ornate foliage and geometric precision. Delicate vines twist and turn with a life of their own, forming a lush labyrinth that captures the eye and holds it in a spell of endless discovery. The entire clock face seems to breathe with the vitality of the baroque era, each arabesque a flourish of vitality and divine creativity.

The filigree shimmers in the light, casting playful shadows that add to the illusion of movement within the static form. The arabesques climb the clock's frame in a cascading cascade of opulence, drawing the viewer's gaze upward to where sculpted patterns recline languidly, their forms seamlessly woven into the ornate tracery. The intricacy of the design adds a touch of whimsy and wonder, each detail crafted with such precision that it seems poised to change and evolve at any moment. Time itself seems an afterthought in this baroque wonder, the hands of the clock moving gracefully across a tableau that celebrates beauty, imagination, and the endless pursuit of artistic perfection.

This is another very special piece by Sternreiter from a talented carver, deep in the Black Forest. The Baroque has an incredibly detailed carving with a lot of dimension. The arabesques overwhelm the structure of this beautiful timepiece.

When the clock strikes the hour or half-hour the door opens, a cuckoo appears and calls along with the clock’s gong strike. This cuckoo bird also flaps his wings and the gong has a particularly deep and rich sound.

This clock is hand made in the Black Forest in Germany. The mechanical brass movement is driven by two weights and time escapes with the tick of a traditional pendulum. The cuckoo call sound is made by two wooden whistles with bellows inside the clock case.

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  • Made in Germany

  • Two-year warranty

  • Hand-carved baroque design

  • Runs 8 days on one wind

  • Wooden hands, numbers, and bird

  • Animated cuckoo bird

  • Manual cuckoo shut off

  • Official Black Forest Clock, certified by the VDS

  • Limited production

  • A Sternreiter original!

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