nci mm s5666s - Navigator

nci mm s5666s - Navigator

nci mm s5666s - Navigator

13” x 21” x 10 , 53 lbs.

The Navigator is a tribute to clockmaker John Harrison (1693 – 1776) who made the world’s first marine chronometer. His unique timepieces made it possible for the first time for British naval officers to accurately calculate their longitude position. This technical breakthrough gave an extraordinary advantage to the navies of Great Britain in their quest for global exploration, trade and Empire.

The swinging arm, grasshopper escapement pivots in the center, so that the swinging movement is unaffected by the rocking motion of the sea. This timepiece exhibits a dance of motion. It is an animated sculpture that is also an accurate and reliable clock.

A stunning contemporary version of The Navigator combining the rhodium plated movement with a gloss lacquered carbon fiber base.

In addition to the novel and interesting escapement, the Navigator also features a Fusee drive. “Used in antique spring-powered mechanical watches and clocks, a fusee (from the French fusée: wire wound around a spindle) is a cone-shaped pulley with a helical groove around it, wound with a cord or chain which is attached to the mainspring barrel. Fusees were used as early as the 15th century to the early 20th century to improve timekeeping by equalizing the uneven pull of the mainspring as it ran down.” (from WIkipedia)

  • Unique sold brass rhodium plated movement
  • Fusee mechanism and maintaining power to improve accuracy
  • Eight day power reserve
  • White enamel finish chapters with Roman and Arabic numerals and fine Breguet hands to indicate the time and passing seconds
  • Piano high gloss carbon fibre base with key drawer
  • Crystal glass mitred canopy to protect the movement
  • Serial numbered movement with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Dava Sobel's book 'Longitude' is included with each timepiece
  • Bespoke finish combinations available on request
  • The Navigator is protected by a mahogany finish presentation travel case

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