nci wa 00000240 - Witch Mask

nci wa 00000240 - Witch Mask

nci wa 00000240 - Witch Mask


From Wikipedia:
“In parts of East and South Germany, as well as in Austria, the carnival is called Fasching. In Franconia and Baden-Württemberg as well as some other parts of Germany, the carnival is called Fas(t)nacht, Fassenacht or Fasnet; in Switzerland, Fasnacht. It is traditionally connected with farm servants or generally young men going from house to house in the villages and collecting sausages, eggs and bacon, which was consumed in a festivity on the same evening. While going from house to house they wore masks and made noise. The old tradition vanished in many places, in other places under influence of German carnival traditions it came to resemble carnival with its parades.”

In the Black Forest, Fasching masks are usually of characters from storybook fables. The Witch, the Wolf, the Wise Owl, are three traditional examples.

North Coast Imports is pleased to offer these very special, hand-carved masks for your decorating or reveling pleasure. They serve a dual purpose! They can be beautiful and peculiar wall art, as well as excellent costume articles.

The Fasching masks are each individually crafted by a master carver deep in the heart of the Black Forest.

  • 2-year warranty

  • Hand-carved, hand-painted mask

  • Solid linden wood

  • Made in Germany

  • Traditional Black Forest wall art or festival mask

If you are interested in this clock please Email us at: – please be sure to include your zip code so we can direct you to a dealer in your area. If you like this clock, be sure to also check out models 8370, 8367

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