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    NeXtime is an innovative, bold and playful Dutch design brand with a history of over 50 years specialising in timepieces. We offer customers the best integration of design excellence and functionality with our dare to be different and attention to detail. We work with our global team and partners to get insights that make our timepieces capable of jazzing up any interior, including yours.

    NeXtime embodies the outstanding characteristics of Dutch design. Our products are minimalistic, sophisticated, classy, sometimes playful, and sometimes all at the same time. Over the decades, we have cumulated strong knowledge in materials, technology and manufacturing techniques. We take our time to perfect our product development and see no limits to innovation. As a responsible company, we also work towards making our products more durable and sustainable.

    NeXtime’s brand heritage dates back to 1970 as Alma, a Dutch company that made hand-crafted mechanical clocks. As the company later transitioned into designing next-generation contemporary timepieces, it was renamed NeXtime. Our dedication to timepiece production makes the brand an industry leader recognised for its numerous trendsetting designs. We also look to bring good times to everyone around the world through expanding into other product categories in the future.

    Up to this very day, NeXtime still adheres to the brand’s core values of being passionate, creative, fun, caring, uncompromising on quality and upholding its heritage.

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