nci cc 8207 - Happy Wanderer

nci cc 8207 - Happy Wanderer
nci cc 8207 - Happy Wanderer

nci cc 8207 - Happy Wanderer

11″ x 14 ” x 8 ”

A spirited wanderer named Felix embarked on a whimsical journey through the enchanted woods. As he wandered along winding paths and hidden glens, he encountered a cottage nestled amidst a grove of ancient trees. Intrigued, Felix approached the cottage and peered through the window, where he caught sight of a magnificent cuckoo bird with feathers aglow like embers.

With a flutter of its wings, the cuckoo beckoned Felix inside, its eyes twinkling with mischief and magic. Stepping into the cozy warmth of the cottage, Felix was greeted by a chorus of woodland creatures who had gathered to hear the cuckoo's tales. As the fire crackled merrily in the hearth, the cuckoo regaled Felix with stories of far-off lands and daring adventures, filling his heart with wonder and joy. And as the night wore on and the stars painted patterns of light across the sky, Felix bid farewell to his newfound friends, his spirit alight with the magic of the forest and the promise of endless adventure.

The dial, hands, and numbers and bird are all of solid wood. The clock includes a beautiful carving of a young man, destined for adventure. The carving is exquisite, showing the flowing fabric and incredible detail of his clothing and features.

This “Happy Wanderer” cuckoo clock is by Rombach und Haas and is an Original Black Forest Clock, certified by the VDS.

The bird and dancers move along with the mechanically produced cuckoo call. The sound of the bird is produced by real wooden whistles.

  • 2-year warranty

  • Made in Germany

  • Traditional Black Forest chalet, with individual hand-laid shingled roof

  • Wooden hands, numbers, bird

  • Shut-off switch for cuckoo call

  • Official Black Forest Clock certified by the VDS

  • A Romba original!

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