nci mm seraphina - Seraphina

nci mm seraphina - Seraphina

nci mm seraphina - Seraphina

5” dia. x 7” , 4.4 lbs

Seraphina, with her bejeweled bow tie, sits pensively, carefully counting the hours. Here, the Mauthe Seraphina is named for the Seraphim, the most fiery and powerful of angels. It is no wonder that ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, have worshiped the feline image. The cat is symbolic of human compassion and also the strength of will. She is an observant, faithful companion, and here she glitters in the light with 1,248 hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

The cat’s brilliant blue gemstone eyes dramatically enhances her watchful expression, noble qualities and mysterious intent. Here is a masterpiece that enchants not only cat lovers, but those who appreciate superior craftsmanship.

The Seraphina is part of a series of stunning timepieces hand crafted at the Mauthe workshop with the finest precision and care.

  • Made in Germany

  • 8-day, silver and gold plated visible mechanism, cal. Mauthe 2

  • Visible, 15 jewel platform escapement, ball bearings

  • Mineral glass dome

  • Swarovski crystals

  • A Mauthe Original!

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